Smart light or smart dimmer switch?

In the development of smart home to today, intelligent lighting control is never around the topic, then we choose to choose intelligent light or smart dimmer switch?

Intelligent lamp
smart lights are equipped with controllers and communication modules, with WiFi and Bluetooth to connect to the network. They can generally control the switch and brightness of lights. Some products also support the adjustment of color temperature and color. Smart lights are also more expensive than regular lamps.

Smart dimmer switch
smart dimmer switch are generally connected in ZigBee, WiFi, Z-Wave and other ways, and are directly installed on the junction box. Dimming functions can be realized with dimming lamps (such as incandescent lamps, dimming LED lamps and halogen lamps), and some switches only support switching. After connecting with the gateway, mobile phone control and voice control can be realized. ZigBee version can also be controlled by ZigBee remote control.

We have three ways for your reference;
1, smart light + ordinary switch
This way can simply realize the switch of lamps and intelligent dimming function, but in fact, the experience will be poor.
1) after the ordinary switch is turned off, neither the remote control nor mobile APP can control the lamps and lights unless the switch is turned on.
2) if the smart light is turned off through the mobile phone APP or remote control, the ordinary switch will lose its control function and the smart light will not light up whether it is on or off.
3), it is often difficult to know whether the common switch turns off the light or the APP turns off the light. If both are turned off, it is very troublesome to turn on the light.

2, smart dimmer switch + ordinary lamps
The utility of this method is very high, although there is no way to control the color temperature, but you can control the switch and brightness of the lamp. The switch can also be connected to a gateway to achieve intelligent control, turn on and off the lights at any time, but also according to their own needs to adjust the lights at any time. With the development of technology, ZigBee gateway is more stable and faster after connection. More importantly, all the functions of the smart dimmer switch can be used even when the network is disconnected. Such as voice control, remote control, mobile phone APP control.

To sum up, for the intelligent lighting system of the whole house, the smart dimmer switch + ordinary lamps can be used for the areas that do not need to be dimmed in the bathroom, kitchen, hallway, porch and other lamps and lanterns that do not need to be dimmed, such as spotlights, down lights and lamp belts.