Advantages of ZigBee dimmer switch

As we all know, the more Smart dimmer switch networking mode and communication protocol is different, can be divided into WIFI dimmer switch, ZigBee dimmer switch, Bluetooth dimmer switch, especially WIFI dimmer switch and ZigBee dimmer switch is the most common.

So when choosing smart dimmer switch, is it WiFi intelligent dimmer switch or ZigBee dimmer switch to choose? What are the advantages of each?

1. Functional application

WiFi dimmer switch and ZigBee dimmer switch are the same in functional applications, which can be controlled remotely by smartphones and voice control by smart speakers.

2 Connection Mode
WiFi only needs to be connected to the WiFi router at home to be connected to the Internet, but the ZigBee dimmer switch needs to be connected through the ZigBee gateway. It is necessary to add the ZigBee gateway before adding the ZigBee dimmer switch when the mobile phone is connected to the Internet.

3 Application Characteristics
WiFi dimmer switch cannot be used in the state of WiFi disconnection at home, but ZigBee dimmer switch can still be used normally in the case of disconnection.
ZigBee dimmer switche You can add ZigBee gateways and more ZigBee dimmer switch to expand the network connection. The ZigBee gateways can be used for shunt to maintain the stability of control signals.
However, WiFi dimmer switch cannot be used, because WiFi router or mobile phone hotspot intervention devices are limited. Once too many devices are connected, the signal will be easily disconnected, affecting the Internet access of smart phones or computers and the normal use of WiFi dimmer switch and WiFi devices.
WiFi dimmer switch has high power consumption, while ZigBee dimmer switch has low power consumption, which is much lower than WiFi dimmer switch, saving power. And because of the large power consumption of the WiFi dimmer switch, low frequency noise will be generated in the process of use.

4 Price Comparison
ZigBee dimmer switch are more expensive than WiFi dimmers, and there are additional fees for ZigBee gateways, but ZigBee is widely used in the Internet of Things in smart homes.
If there are not many smart devices at home, or the network bandwidth is sufficient, you can consider the WiFi smart dimmer switch.