CO Sensor
CO Sensor

CO Sensor

Model NO.:

Technical Data

Model No.H-PL-01
DescriptionZigbee CO Sensor
Power Supply90 ~ 260VAC 
Input line frequency range 50/60 Hz
Standby power<0.5W
Detected gas typeCH4
Sensor type Semiconductor Sensor
Alarm Function 1.Sound/Light Alarm, support Signal Output
2.Alarm indicator shown on App
Alarm Settings Select one point within 1-25%LEL 
Alarm Settings Tolerance±3%LEL (Normal ambient temperature)
±5%LEL (High speed air flow)
±10%LEL (After temperature/humidity test)
Alarm Responding Time<=30s (1.6 x Alarm setting value) 
Sound Pressure Level (dB)>=70dB<=115dB @1meter
RF Communication Length >30 meters
Working Temperature-10~+55
Storage Temperature-25~+70
Humidity10%~ 95%RH (no condensation)
IP Rating IP41


  • When working in conjunction with the hub, it supports high-decibel local alarms and remote phone App emergency notification, inform you at the onset of issues at home
  • Zigbee 3.0 
  • Wall-mountedBattery-powered
  • Completely wireless
  • Alarm signalled with a built-in siren and LED diode

Product Details

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