How to choose a high quality floor lamp dimmer

As we all know, floor lamps are becoming more and more common. But at present, the light of a lot of floor lamps on the market can not meet the requirements of everyone to light, not light is too strong is too weak, so there is a floor lamp dimmer on the market. So, what is a floor lamp dimmer? What are its buying techniques? Let's take a look.


General good floor lamp dimmer appearance smooth, no burr, bright color and its material using high quality ABS +PC material, flame retardant performance is good, not easy to break. Although some product surface is bright and clean, besmeared it seems that a layer of oil, but colour and lustre is pale, quality of a material is bulky, flame retardant sex of this kind of material is bad, can ignite the flame retardant sex that tries it with fire how. If it burns quickly and goes out, it's good plastic, otherwise it's bad plastic.

Tap the dimmer function of the floor lamp, the lighter the skateboard sound is, the smoother the feel is, and the better the quality is with strong sense of rhythm. On the contrary, when opening and closing, the sound is not pure, dynamic astringency, and the quality of the intermittent state of the sound is poor. Good product face plate won't be taken directly with the hand, must have the aid of certain special tool. Choose with index finger, thumb points according to the face cover diagonal into the end, one end hold motionless, the other end press hard, the face cover loose, sagging product quality is poor, otherwise the quality is credible.
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Floor lamp dimmer sound is strong, feel elegant and comfortable; Swing rod type sound clear, a little metal crash sound, in the elimination of arc and service life than the traditional slide plate type structure is more stable, mature technology. Because the former increases the contact area between wire and electrical parts, it is resistant to oxidation, and is not easy to loose, poor contact and other barriers; The latter screw is easy to crush the wire when it is strong, and the contact area is small, so that the electrical parts are easy to oxidize and aging, leading to poor contact.

Floor lamp dimmer sterling silver conductive ability, low heat, high safety performance, contact using copper material performance is greatly reduced; Socket material using tin phosphorus copper sheet can be matched with the best strength, toughness, elasticity and other indicators, more durable than the general brass socket for reed, and very few strong arc burning socket phenomenon when inserting the board; Gold-plated reed needle is very difficult to oxidize, stable performance, can ensure clear and true sound quality, fast and accurate data transmission.

Floor lamp dimmer for floor lamp, can be said to be a very important product. If you have a floor lamp in your home, it is best to buy a floor lamp dimmer, so that when using the floor lamp, you can be more handy.