A+A USB Wall Charger

A+A USB Wall Charger

  • Model NO.: U1
  • Accept Min order:No
Basic Information
Product Description

Technical Data

Model No.U1
DescriptionA+A USB Wall Charger
Input Voltage100-240V
Input frequency50/60Hz
Input CurrentThe maximum input current is 0.5A at 100Vac
Inrush CurrentThe inrush current will not exceed 100A at 264V input for a cold start at 25  
Power Consumptionless than 0.1W with output 0A at 230Vac input.
Output 5VDC~2.4A
Line Regulation±5%
Load Regulation+8,-5%
Voltage Accuracy4.75 V-5.40 V
Ripple&Noise150mVp-p max.
Ambient Temperature0 ~ 40
Relative Humidity20% ~ 90% Non-Condensing
AltitudeSea level to 2,000 m
Vibration1.0mm, 10 –55Hz, 15 minutes per cycle for each axis (X, Y, Z)


  • USB charger with two ports A+A for charging electronic devices, mobile phones, mp3 players or tablet.
  • Total charge capacity 5V-2.4A.
  • Fits in standard wall box
  • Connects to 230V both phases. 
  • Built-in fuse, with automatic reset.

Product Dimension