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Smart home from emphasis on technology to ease of use change. It is the ease of use and practicality of the product that will determine whether the industry will grow rapidly.
Smart home electrical equipment manufacturers use different standards of communication protocols, so ZigBee, WiFi, BLE three ways to choose?
ZigBee technology is a short-range, low complexity, low power consumption, low rate, low cost two-way wireless communication technology.
So, after a long effort, the ZigBee protocol was officially launched in mid-2003. In addition, ZigBee uses Home RF Lite, a communication protocol for Home networks that was developed before it.
In the development of smart home to today, intelligent lighting control is never around the topic, then we choose to choose intelligent light or smart dimming switch?
As we all know, the more Smart dimmer switch networking mode and communication protocol is different, can be divided into WIFI dimmer switch, ZigBee dimmer switch, Bluetooth dimmer switch, especially WIFI dimmer switch and ZigBee dimmer switch is the most common.
In our life, the lamp has become inseparable from an important link. If there is a power failure in first-tier cities for one day, the loss will be huge, so it is impossible to even think about it.
Internet of Things era -- Smart home lighting control is the most intuitive scene that reflects the sense of science and technology. How to realize the intelligent control of home lighting (smart dimmer switch) equipment?
As we all know, smart home lighting is a crucial part of smart home system, which can be intelligent control of home lighting, to create a comfortable living environment for people. Then, how to achieve intelligent home lighting system? Let's look at it through ZigBee smart home lighting system scheme!
Also known as silicon controlled dimmer (Trailing Edge Dimmer the dimming (along the cut after phase modulation light) or MOS tube light given the dimming of the MOS tube cost price is high, with a small, market need special indicate when involved in such demand that move light, you need to specify the KNX manufacturer of MOS tube dimming actuators, But the wiring construction is the same as the forward cut dimming, do not do a separate description).

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