Lighting changes in household life

In our life, the lamp has become inseparable from an important link. If there is a power failure in first-tier cities for one day, the loss will be huge, so it is impossible to even think about it.

Even in the countryside, under the condition of nearly 40℃ in the summer, the villagers also suffer unspeakably, plus WiFi has become a necessity of life, leaving the world without color for a while, so think about it, really can't imagine how ancient people lived.

Light is magical and sacred to human beings. When Edison invented the light bulb and gradually introduced it into millions of households, it was destined to be inseparable from it.

Is changing all the time, the development of light bulbs from the original yellow light source, to the incandescent lamp, and a variety of appearance, colorful light, it makes us more colorful nightlife, the neon of "the city that never sleeps", now has become routine, but behind these "landscape", there are many technology worthy of scrutiny.

Intelligent lighting has been discovered for a period of time, although the family (domestic) now still have few people to use, but its future is immeasurable, and the application between the city has been popular, we see the colorful color at night, is constituted by some intelligent means.

Some time ago, I saw the changes of the Bund in Shanghai, and the buildings along the Huangpu River were flashing in a ring. The cooperation between each building and the other buildings could be said to be perfect, which felt amazing, and this was the intelligence of application.

Of course, say the likelihood is some too big so, we take such function in the home, the likelihood does not calculate intelligence, after all the lamlight of small area flickers, can buy such small bulb on treasure, although cannot reach the sort of spectacular feeling, but oneself see still complete no problem.

The functions of smart lights required by families are summarized as follows:

Color temperature adjustment:

Color temperature means the switch from white light to yellow light. Our eyes can receive different light in different scenes, just like the automatic adjustment of the light and shade of the mobile phone screen, the light can also adjust the light and shade according to the eyes and the scene.

Specific implementation can be realized directly through the scene switch, for example, the daily mode light can be the brightest, the sleep mode light dim to off, different brightness can be switched by one key.

Color changes:

There are also a lot of colorful lights on the market now, color undoubtedly lit up our life, and intelligence changed their control mode, make the lamp more convenient, the jump of color more harmonious. This kind of light is installed in the video room, weekend party at home disco!