Several mainstream LED Dimming modes

Dimming is often used in high-star hotels, restaurants, conference rooms, presentation halls, cinemas, etc., to create an atmosphere, to create a sense of intimacy, to entertain the audience and diners. For the daily home environment, dimming can also reduce energy consumption and enhance the function of space, the dynamic changes of lighting to create different lighting atmosphere, is also conducive to protecting our eyesight!

1,Thyristor leading edge dimming

Advantages: high adjustment precision, small size, light weight, easy to operate from a distance and other advantages, the dominant position in the market.
Disadvantages: The leading edge Dimmer is likely to produce large noise. It is not recommended to use this Dimmer mode in demanding situations. The minimum load will vary depending on the LED Dimmer and light source. Consider derating to accommodate driver induced spikes. Typically, the derating percentage should be 25-30% of the dimmer's maximum rated load.

2,CMOS Trailing edge phase cutting dimming

Advantage: Trailing Edge Dimmer is no minimum load requirement, allowing for better performance on individual lighting units or very small loads
Disadvantages: high cost, relatively complex dimming circuit lack of high power products, not easy to do stability and other characteristics

3,DALI Dimming

Advantages: precise and smooth dimming, mainly used in single lamp control, two-way communication, strong anti-interference ability.
Disadvantages: As with 0-10V products, additional control lines and controllers are required.

4, DMX512 Dimming

Advantage: powerful control function brings rich lighting effect to building lighting, night lighting, studio and variety stage.
Disadvantages: Special wiring layout and type are required, and certain programming is required to set up basic colors and scenes, which is costly for later maintenance. The ideal transmission distance of DMX signal is within 200 meters. In practice, the signal is greatly disturbed by the outside world

5, Full digital carrier dimming SLC and Ready2mains
Advantages: Digital dimming signals are transmitted over AC wires without additional signal lines and wiring. Digital signal transmission has good anti-interference performance and excellent dimming effect.
Disadvantages: At present, there are few products using this kind of digital dimming technology. The typical brands are Mei Lane from Singapore and Ruigao from Austria. There are few compatible products.