Smart home control system scene application!

Internet of Things era -- Smart home lighting control is the most intuitive scene that reflects the sense of science and technology. How to realize the intelligent control of home lighting (Smart dimmer switch) equipment? Can intelligent control really bring convenience to people's life? It has lighting brightness adjustment, lighting timing control, scene-setting, etc. Do you really need it?

Wake up scene:
What if you want the lights to go on at 6:30 a.m. every morning? Or do you want them to light up slowly in the morning? The good Morning Scene Smart Dimmer Switch will also help turn on the kitchen lights, turn off outdoor lights, and even turn on the TV if the user wishes, while simultaneously tuning to the user's favorite morning news channel and broadcasting the weather of the day so you know what to wear when you wake up.

Holiday scene:
Holiday scenes are generally divided into two modes. One is the mode of leaving home. After leaving home, one key starts the security linkage and turns off the power supply, water valve and air valve switch. Another is the holiday home mode, you can open the "movie watching mode" in one sentence, you can also set the romantic lighting scene in the evening, and at the same time start the temperature control system, security system, etc.

Office, video and audio special scenes
The Dimmer Switch control of the intelligent dimmer can realize the intelligent management of the lights of the whole house, and can use a variety of intelligent control methods to realize the switch, dimming, full on and full off of the lights of the whole house and the realization of a variety of one-button lighting scene effects such as "reception, cinema"; And can use timing control, remote control and other control methods to achieve the function, so as to achieve intelligent lighting energy saving, environmental protection, comfortable, convenient characteristics.

Daily scene of receiving guests in living room and dining room
Intelligent lighting control cleverly to all kinds of lighting changes such as scene exchange, electric curtain, background music changes as well as the switch switch of different scenes of electric appliances and other intelligent control functions perfect integration, so that the home by static change, so that the system better service; Whether the user is watching home theater or having dinner with his family or inviting friends to a party, or reading, learning and working, he can set one or several groups of lights to a key in advance. When the above scene is needed, he can jump to this state with a simple press of his finger.

Living room -- Bedroom scene
When you want to watch a movie, just click on the "Viewing" scene, Smart Dimmer Switch automatically turn off some lights in the living room, adjust the light to the most comfortable brightness; When you need to receive guests, click the "receive guests" scene, you can enter the reception mode. When you are ready to go to sleep at night, click on the "sleep" scene, and the lights in the living room and dining room will turn off in order from far to near, so that the host can have enough lighting when he returns to the bedroom.

edroom -- > bathroom scene
When you want to sleep, just click the sleep scene, you can enter the sleep mode, Smart Dimmer Switch automatically turn off all the lights in the bedroom; When getting up at night, click the scene of "getting up" to enter the mode of getting up at night. The Smart Dimmer Switch will slowly light up the warm light between the bedroom and the bathroom without dazzling, which will realize the lighting requirement of getting up at night without affecting the sleep experience of the family. Guest bathroom has the highest frequency of use. When guests come, they will not be unable to find where the switch is because they go to the bathroom for the first time. As long as they enter the guest bathroom, the light will slowly turn on and the exhaust fan will start to work automatically.