Smart home Iot industry development

Intelligent has slowly in our side, and a lot of people saw the tuyere on the industry, but intelligent household industry IoT industry development is a lot of people don't understand, always hold the heart of the uncertainty in think about these things, if you have ideas, so today the content must be needing you to know.

The development of smart home
Intelligent household can develop to also be experienced a cyclic progressive historical process today. 1915-1920 - Beginning of household Machines Machines are introduced into the home to help solve the growing shortage of household labor (sewing machines, vacuum cleaners, food processors). The advertising industry called these electric machines "electric spring cleaning". This was the first example of the use of electric technology in the home, opening up the prospect of electric machines in the home industry.

1939 -- Predicts the future of the smart home
The kitchen device described in popular Mechanics' "Future Appliances" article also picks up shortwave radio frequencies while you're cooking, so when you're cooking, you can get the news the first time.

1870s -- the beginning of automation
X10 is a very simple system that uses electrical wiring in your home to establish a connection between various household appliances. However, because this system is completed by wire, it is easy to be interfered by radio waves, which is not very practical.

1984 - Laid the foundation for the development of smart home
The American Builders Association has formed a special interest group called The Smart Home, which promotes the idea of combining technology and home design. Some people also call buildings designed in accordance with this concept "computerized architecture" -- the combination of computer control and architectural design.

From concept popularization to technology promotion to general promotion
2014 is known as the first year of intelligent home appliances, almost all home appliances giants are in the field of intelligent home appliances platoon, race. Development has been five or six years, during which numerous large and small companies entered this field and launched related products.
After three years of baptism, although China's intelligent household industry has gone through the concept of popularity stage, China's intelligent household industry has gone through the concept of popularity stage, but because of the slow development of the problem, the intelligent household industry did not get popularity, most consumers said they had heard of intelligent household.
Smart home from emphasis on technology to ease of use change. It is the ease of use and practicality of the product that will determine whether the industry will grow rapidly. Therefore, all efforts to educate users or consumers through technology will be in vain. For consumers, it is difficult for consumers to know what the technology is, and they do not care about it, but more concerned about what kind of convenience smart home equipment can bring to them.

From the beginning of this year, it is obvious that the intelligent industry has changed different, 2019 Maybe intelligent is the user began to understand, the industry in the groping stage, 2021 has become a diversified agreement, the mainstream agreement is gradually mature, the industry many franchisors, many brands of colorful development of the year. Know after contact with intelligence, industry development has now become different from usual, blossom everywhere is an emerging industry is bound to experience, and in a period of time, there will be a big surfaced, might form the situation of The Three Kingdoms tripartite confrontation, the future who will lead the development of smart home industry, we also need to wait and see, But this stage is still different for many people, and its maturity is already visible to the public eye.