Smart home lighting system ZigBee scheme sharing


I. Working principle and characteristics of intelligent home lighting system
Smart home lighting is the intelligent management and control of all kinds of lights in the house, compared with traditional home lighting, it can achieve the dimming of incandescent lamps, one-key scene, one to one remote control and partition lighting management, and can use a variety of control methods to achieve the above functions, The main control mode is wireless remote control, timing control, centralized control, even remote control, so as to create comfortable, energy-saving, convenient, safe, environmental protection living lighting effect.

As a common basic part of smart home, intelligent lighting can control lighting according to the function of a certain area, different time of day, outdoor brightness or the use of the area. It can be preset, that is, it has the function of changing the lighting brightness into a series of Settings. These Settings, also known as scenes, can be invoked automatically by the dimmer system or the central building control system. For use in the home, it could take the form of an integrated central controller, possibly with a touch screen interface.

Internet of things an expert said, intelligent lighting is very suitable for large housing, it can make the daily life of residents convenient and comfortable. Lighting control systems are divided into free-standing, room-specific or large-scale networked systems, in which dimming equipment is installed in an electrical cabinet and operated by a network of external devices such as sensors and control panels. The advantage of networked systems is that different areas of the room can be controlled from many points. In a home, a control panel can be installed on the wall near the main entrance to serve as the main control point in the multi-room.

Second, ZigBee intelligent home lighting system scheme
ZigBee intelligent home lighting system, the use of computer, wireless communication data transmission technology, computer intelligent information processing and energy-saving electrical control technology composed of distributed wireless telemetry, remote control, remote communication control system, to achieve intelligent control of lighting equipment. It has the functions of light brightness adjustment, light soft start, timing control, scene setting and so on. And to achieve safety, energy saving, comfortable, efficient characteristics.

ZigBee as a common international Internet of things technology, with low cost, low power consumption, low complexity and low data rate and high reliability, strong expansibility, very suitable for large-scale network, the wireless intelligent lighting system of each point of the Lantern Festival, often need a star network, mesh network, or clusters of network, the node number between dozens to several thousand, ZigBee is available in star, sheet and mesh networks with up to 65535 nodes. With the development of wireless technology, the traditional lighting control system is gradually liberated from the bondage of wire, leading to the trend of lighting control in the future.

Main functions of ZigBee intelligent home lighting system:
1. One-to-one centralized control: Owners can be in the place such as sitting room, advocate lie, the lounge with a touch screen remote control or global control on telephone remote controller centralized control function, implementation of all 25 road lighting one-on-one separate control of the room, and can adjust the brightness of 5 road lighting, this will give the owner enjoy the comfortable brightness and convenient use, and also can reduce unnecessary waste. The incandescent soft starter in the master bedroom and the second bedroom can avoid the stimulation of the light when customers "get up at night", and give customers a noble personalized enjoyment.

2 lights, partition management: person or in the sitting room advocate lie, in order to achieve the purpose of easy control and save electricity, can put the key all room lights or other electric barrier, night before sleeping, click on the "good night" scenario, all light barrier, all want to shut electric barrier, the wind system open, air-conditioning into energy saving mode. Before going to work and leaving home, click the "leaving home" scene, all lights and electrical appliances off, very convenient, can save the trouble of turning off lights and electrical appliances, but also to avoid forgetting to turn off a street lamp or electrical appliances, fully ensure safety and energy saving.

3. One-button lighting brightness memory scene: Owners can use the default function of a key scene, can be directly on the remote control, centralized controller and telephone remote controller according to the "eating", "a visitor", "theater", "rest", "sentiment" and "party" scene mode, instantly at the preset light switch with a suitable brightness effect, and the default of electric equipment will also be in accordance with the requirements on or off, By tapping the finger to switch the scene, the switch status of lights and appliances will automatically change instantly, and the brightness of lights will be slow to achieve the scene effect. Let the owner be completely immersed in the fun of control.

4, lighting and electrical status query: The owner can through the global control of the sitting room telephone remote controller or study computer controller, realize the lights or electrical switch state of the query, so the owner can know the whole house lights or electric switch state, and may at any time to forget to turn off the lights or appliances off, in order to save electricity, also can sense the activity of family in the other room, Especially children's rest state and computer use state; You can even query the brightness of every light at any time, especially when children are reading, so that you can monitor and supplement the needs of the light source.