Smart home lighting system

The lighting system should be said to be an essential and comfortable system in the intelligent home system. A reasonable design of intelligent lighting system, not only a strong sense of science and technology, practical is also very strong, so we want to start from the light.

Power supply for household lights:
The power supply of domestic light should be the simplest circuit, the live wire is connected with lamps and lanterns through the wall switch and then, the other end of the lamps and lanterns is connected with the zero line.
Household lights fall into three categories:
Incandescent lamp: rely on the lamp that tungsten wire gives off light, calorific is serious, give off light efficiency is low so, the power consumption of equal brightness wants to compare fluorescent lamp, LED wants mostly. However, it is convenient to adjust the brightness by changing the voltage, current, or serial resistance.

Energy-saving lamp: rely on ultraviolet ray illuminate fluorescent agent to give out bright light, can use different fluorescent agent to give out different color light of course. Compared with incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps are more intense, more efficient and have a larger area of light.

LED: rely on semiconductor materials to emit light, can emit different colors of light, luminous efficiency is very high, and small size. However, the quality of LED products in the market is uneven, and the lighting effect of low-end products is very poor. At the same time, LED is generally driven by constant current, which requires a special driver and a special dimming circuit. It cannot be dimmed simply by changing the voltage or turning off the resistance. At present, the market for LED dimmer light has been very mature.

Smart lamp:
Here said the intelligent lamp is only itself has intelligent function of lamps and lanterns, namely through WIFI, bluetooth, the lamps and lanterns, and other ways to control the remote control of this kind of lamps and lanterns can be used for lighting system, but only lamp lighting system and have to intelligence, in most cases, smart dimmer switch with common lamps and lanterns can achieve intelligent lighting system, and the cost to be lower, And easy to replace.

In the current intelligent household environment, intelligent lamplight is a very important part, especially in the northern hemisphere high latitude countries, sunshine time is short, and the light is dim, so the requirement for home lamplight is extremely high. smart dimmer switch can automatically adjust the brightness of indoor light according to the brightness of outdoor light after connecting light sensor. Thus achieve the most comfortable lighting state.

Shyusc-dimmer's smart dimmers are available in ZigBee, Z-Wave, WiFi, Bluetooth and other versions, and are compatible with a variety of lamps to meet the needs of different customers.