Electric Heating Thermostat 2 pol
Electric Heating Thermostat 2 pol

Electric Heating Thermostat 2 pol

Model NO.:

Technical Data

Model No.T2
DescriptionHeating thermostat with LCD Screen
Built-in Switch2 Pole, 16A
Relay contactMax 16A 250VAC
Output relay16A,SPST-NO
Floor sensor3m,NTC,B=3380,R=10K@25°C1% precision
Wiring RequirementsCurrent≤13A-1.5m,solid core wire
13A to 16A -2.5m,solid core wire
Control objectHeating cable
method of mountingwall mounted
Sensor TypeNTC,B=3380 R=10K@25°C1% precision
Control functionThe thermostat  is supplied with an external floor sensor and a built-in room sensor.
The thermostat can be set for the following functions:
• Room temperature control
• Floor temperature control
• Room temperature control where the floor   sensor is used as a limitation sensor.
• Maximum and minimum limitation temperatures can be set.
Control Mode manual mode auto-weekly programmable-6 period per day
Control principlePWM/PI
Frost Protectiondefault 5°C to start frost protection,5~10°C controllable. Can be switched on/off manually
Ambient temperature-10°C/+60°C


  • The thermostat is designed to operate by manual directly on the product.
  • The thermostat has a simple and self-explanatory menu setting, clock function, date setting and adjustable display brightness.
  • The thermostat has a sensor for floors and rooms, and a built-in regulator.
  • Contorl the electric heated floors in a hallway. in the bathroom or in a living room on the basement floor.
  • Maximum Load: 2800W.
  • Windows open detdction.
  • Weekly programable.
  • The product requires installation of qualified electrician.

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