The hottest dimmer in Europe-D621R1

In the four years since its launch in 2017, 500,000 led dimmers have been sold in European countries. As well as its excellent quality to obtain the buyer's consistent high praise.

At the beginning of the research and development of this led dimmer, HZC Electric regarded it as its flagship product and put a lot of efforts into it, both in terms of manpower and research and development funds. After the launch of the product, we named it EU-P3. Because the maximum load power of this dimmer switch is 300W (LED 150W). This led dimmer switch has the CE certificate and n-Mark certificate of Nemko method, and has obtained 5 national patents.

Since its launch in 2017, the company has rapidly expanded to the Netherlands, Germany, Norway and other European countries, and has seen a sharp increase in sales. This led dimmer switch uses the MOS Trailing Edge dimming method for more stable dimming, longer dimming linear, no flicker, no noise, low standby power, and wider dimming (0 to 100% dimming). In addition, the led dimmer switch also has a switch function, 2 control, can be in different positions in the home to the same light switch and dimming function.

Due to the growing market, customers have higher and higher requirements on products. In 2020, we upgraded EU-P3 by using imported chips and MOS tubes, and adding overheat protection and short circuit protection (when the temperature is too high or short circuit, the power will be automatically cut off). After the upgrade, we named the product -D621R1. The more powerful (600W) EU-P8 is derived from the leading Dege and Trailing Edge dimmers, D602R1, And D602E2, a dimmer switch that automatically detects leading Dege and Trailing edges.

D621R1 has sold 500000PCS in total.