Shenzhen Shyugj Technology Co., Ltd518116About Us4/F,T Block,Hengyu Technology and Science Park, 1 Ruiji Road, Nanlian Community, Longgang District, Shenzhen, China P.R.CHZC Electric is a brand of Shenzhen SHYUGJ Technology. We have been focused on dimmer and smart products since the company established. The brand has endless solutions for awkward problems. Living with modern technologies requires smart and sustainable solutions. HZC has plenty of these solutions. Whether it's Sensor, Dimmer, Switch, USB charger and Thermostat, we have it. With our products you can make electric item in the house work a little more efficiently and respond to your personal needs. Our production takes place in a factory located in Shenzhen which hires 300 pe

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Model NO. D078-ZV
Model NO. D077-ZV
Model NO. D076-ZV
Model NO. D684E2-ZV
Model NO. D070K2-ZV
Model NO. D682E2-ZV

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